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Concept Design Concept
The play of light and shadow
We put premium on "the play of light and shadow" that is manifest in nature and think it to be a key element in presenting visually appealing courses. One of our basic design concept is to present the abundance of "light and shadow" as challenging as it is comforting to the players.
Course layout-- Harmony with nature, Course design catering to the needs of golfer at every level

We tend to believe that a good golf course should have the golf holes that are integrated into the surrounding nature. When the players stand on the tee ground, they need to have a clear mind how to take an attacking route according to their capabilities, golfing styles and swing skills. We have to meticulously plan out the course layout and landscape all things considered.

Golf Hole Design-- the integration of three elements: Penalty, Heroic, Strategy.

- Designing of Each Hole

Roughly speaking, there are three different styles in golf hole design.
Each hole should not be identified by the difference in styles, but all elements of these three should be intcorporated into each and every hole.

Fairways- Plotting course lines with landing areas into the calculation


While fairways differ according to distance, par, we set up mounds and hazards, particularly with Intersection Point (the landing point of the shot designers set up) in mind. In landing areas, we aim to secure the place where it's ideal for the following shot as well as narrowing the target. As fairways is a cardinal factor which lets players know how to take an attacking route, to plot course lines is not facile, and often a demanding job.

Hazards-- They aim towards being more strategic.


Hazards play a key role in making the most of hole strategy. What sort of bunker, ponds and bushes we choose and how we locate them invariably decides the attacking route by the golfers. In order to plot golf courses more memorable, which is a key component to be valued as a great golf course, it is our professional duty to present the hazards that are equally memorable and impressive.

Greens—that allow for a variety of course lines and good maintenance


Strategy, speed, putting and the highest quality leads us to adopt bent grass green. The greens constructed with wood deck contributes to the rich variety of course lines and good maintenance.

Plantings-is a good mark of the fact that strategy lies in landscape and vice versa, it is what makes the nature more dramatic.


Plantings is another critical component in creating hole landscape as well as in working on strategy. The trees in use should be rich in variety; deciduous and evergreen, unique every season, and be integrated into the surrounding nature.

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