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About Us
About Us

Kentaro Sato
Corporation M&K Chief Director
Chairman of the Japanese Society of Golf Course Architects


Born in Akita in 1947. From 1973 on made an inspection tour of golf links overseas, and learned a lot from them. Designed and supervised a number of golf courses. In 1988 set up his own corporation M&K, and has been working as a chief director since. Started working on design and supervision on a full-time basis. Has designed and supervised eleven courses abroad and 27 courses in Japan. As of January 2011, working as a board chairman of the Japanese Society of Golf Course Architects.

From the Director Message

How could anyone of the ancient players have imagined the ball game they were playing would see the light of the day as in deserves today? The modest pleasure that dates its birth to 15th century in the Scottish links in the strong prevailing winds has been refined and nourished for quite a few period of time and by many great precedents. This game is now compared to the life itself and has captured the minds of people all over the world. The joy of playing golf does not simply lie in winning the game. The fact that we confront and challenge the nature, with what little intellects and skills we have and undoubtedly, one game invariably differs from the other. This thesis taps into the potential of will to conquer, which makes golf games irresistibly unique and profound. Golf courses, as a stage to this life game, should present itself how the course should be. Golf culture in Japan has matured and varied in its playing styles, but what makes golf remains always the same at the core. We would like to collaborate with our staffs to offer the best golf courses, which cater to the need of the customers with various demands.

What We Do Overview of Business

Course Design in Japan and Overseas
Management Consultant for Golf Courses
Maintenance services for Golf Courses
Software Development for Golf Course Management

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